Lance (mister_lance) wrote in centralfl_photo,

Third Eye Blind Photos

Some of you may have seen my posting in the OrlandoFL community about the Third Eye Blind Pictures I took last Thursday, if so, then sorry, but here is a cross posting, sort of.

Thursday afternoon I e-mailed Rick Wheeler at Axis magazine about taking pictures at the concert. Sometimes cameras are not allowed, or a photography pass is required, so I wanted to check and see. To my delight, no pass required, cameras are welcomed, and he even requested a disc of the images. YES! This was my first opportunity to shoot a concert, and for it to be Third Eye Blind and have the potential of being published I was in awe.

I arrived with my crew and we made our way to the far side of the stage opposite of the entrance. I was about 75-100ft away from the stage so it was difficult to capture anything of worth without using a flash. I took around 800-images that night, had a few beers between shots, and ended up with 25-halfway decent images. I have posted the images at my site where you can view and purchase them if you wish. They look so much better full sized, but I'm limited by the website and potential pirates.

The best $10 I ever spent!
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