ninakatz (ninakatz) wrote in centralfl_photo,

New Member: Melbourne, Florida Artist

I've been trying to find Central Florida art communities off and on for a long time now with little success – I’m glad to find a photographer's community along the way. :)

A little about me:
I'm a painter by trade, but I can appreciate photography and all the talent and skill that goes with it. I'm also a member of the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery here in Melbourne. I'm working fulltime as an artist and part time as a graphic designer. If you're curious about my work you can peek at my journal, fine art site ( or my design site ( which has a little photography that I've taken. If any of you are members of other local artist communities I would love to know.

Also, I wanted to help get the word out there about the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery. I've set up both a website and a account for anyone who's interested. Right now there's a call for art at the gallery for a juried show this September.

See the website for details:


If you know of local/regional artists who would be interested in the gallery, it’s events, space, or artists, certainly pass the information along. We just filled out the 2007 exhibition schedule, but there will be other opportunities coming up along the way as well.
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