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Central Florida Photography

Central Florida Photographers
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Welcome to Central Florida Photography. This is a community for Central Florida photographers to share our art, our ideas and any opportunities relating to photography.

We are a community of photographers: both amateur and professional. Use this community to share the photographs you make in and around Central Florida. Share your favorite shooting locations. What's your favorite photo processing place? Favorite camera shop? Have you heard of any photography classes and workshops coming to our area? Where are you currently exhibiting your work? Tell us!

If you are just joining, introduce yourself:

1. Tell us where you live.
2. Tell us how long you've been making photographs.
3. Tell us what type of equipment you use: digital/film, Nikon/Canon/other, SLR/point and shoot.
4. Tell us your favorite location in Central Florida to shoot.
5. Share your photoblog or website.
6. Tell us anything else you'd like us to know.

Community Guidelines:

1. When posting a photo, put anything larger than 600 x 400 behind a LJ cut. Don't know how to do an LJ cut? Look it up in the FAQ.
2. When posting more than one photo, put your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. photo behind an LJ cut.
3. While we are open to any type of photography, we ask that you post anything of questionable nature (such as nudity) behind an LJ cut.
4. Play nice. You are encouraged to comment, but please make sure your comments are constructive. "This sucks" is not constructive.
5. Share and enjoy! Make this an active community.

Upcoming: photo themes and contests.