risingpheenix (risingpheenix) wrote in centralfl_photo,

Digital Cameras

I'm looking at buying my first digital SLR. Right now it's a toss up between the Nikon D50, the Olympus Evolt e-500, and one of two Canon - the 8 megapixel and the 10 megapixel.

Anybody using any of these cameras? PCMagazine says the Nikon D50 is their number one choice for beginner DSLR users. I have an SLR right now, but this will be my first DSLR. Price is a factor, which is making this harder. I've found kits for the Nikon and the Olympus where they come with two lenses, not just one. But the Canon has more megapixels.

It's all so hard. I hate making decisions.
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