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1. Tell us where you live. - Gainesville

2. Tell us how long you've been making photographs. - For my whole life. I have pictures that I took with my mom's Kodak Disk camera back in the 80s. I was pretending to be a fashion photographer and used my desk lamp as my "lighting" and my closet with it's white inside as the backdrop. They are hilarious pictures. But I only seriously got started in photography back in 1998.

3. Tell us what type of equipment you use: digital/film, Nikon/Canon/other, SLR/point and shoot. My favorite all time camera was my Pentax K-1000 that I found along with three lenses at a flea market. I bought it for $30. The guy had no idea what he was selling. It took the best pictures. It was completely manual, but it was ultimately the best camera I've ever had. But a ten year old murdered it when his foot caught in the strap at a carnival I was shooting. He dragged my camera 10 feet across a parking lot before I could stop him. The camera was dead. It was like someone had cut out my heart and stomped on it. I ended up getting a Minolta after that. My pictures were terrible. Just horrible. It was an AF, but I thought I was losing my eyesight because none of my pictures were in focus. Nothing seemed composed right, and the quality was nowhere near as nice as my Pentax. Now I have a ProMaster. It's another basic manual camera. It's not bad. I've not done a whole lot with it actually, which is sad. But for Christmas I'm looking at getting a digital SLR - which will be my first. I'm looking at the Pentax K110 - which is basically the K1000 but digital.

I also have a 2mp Fuji point and shoot that I love. I'm surprised by it's quality. If I'm doing stuff for the web it's a great little camera. For $99 it was a great surprise.

4. Tell us your favorite location in Central Florida to shoot.
I've really been stuck in Gainesville so I've only shot around here. We actually have a lot of wildlife around the UF campus that I've captured - gators, heron, etc. It's not my favorite place but the only place.

5. Share your photoblog or website. Here are two links to some of my stuff. It's not complete as everything I have is on film and needs to be scanned. I've yet to find someone in our community that will scan negatives without a ton of dust all over the scans.


6. Tell us anything else you'd like us to know. I'd really like to get into shooting still life/commercial photography. I have a weakness with shooting people - I have a hard time telling them how to pose. It's a self-confidence issue. I don't want to come off as rude or bossy, but at the same time I need to learn how to say Please do this blah blah blah and still get the poses I want.
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