Elvis Depressley (therewhenyoudie) wrote in centralfl_photo,
Elvis Depressley

Wedding Photography Questions:

Hey All.

First of all let me say, that I think this community is a great idea. I love looking at your pictures and the tips every now and then one of you provides.

I'm not a photographer. I love photography, and I take pictures for fun. I have 3 different cameras, mostly snap and shoot, and my knowledge is very basic, as I have had no training at all. I am a graphic designer and I manage to make an ok picture look decent with some manipulation here and there.

But to be honest with you, that's not always as fun as taking the perfect picture and not having to make any changes at all.

Now let me get to the point:

I have a cousin who is getting married late in the summer. It's a small intimate wedding with no more than 50 guests.

They want ME to take their pictures (for obvious reasons, duh, they don't have to pay family members)

And I have said yes. Of course, with the conditions that I'm no expert, so they need to understand that disasters are bound to happen.

I have decided that, to prevent disasters, I'm in need of a new camera. A good decent camera. One that me (an amateur) can manage and at the same time get some good quality shots. I have the eye for the photography, but I want to make sure that what I see is what I get through the lens.

I'm trying to get a camera as soon as possible, so I can practice, and get familiar with the camera that way I don't make a fool of myself later on.

I know this is kind of vague, but I need all the tips and information necessary. Any books, any ideas for lighting, anything that you think might be essential for a wedding. Any books or websites on what I need to look forward to. What a client expects from you and expects to see in a wedding album.

Most of you are professionals and went to school for this, so if you feel offended by me asking for tips for something you went to school for, I apologize, but I would appreciate anything.

By the way, I have around $1,000.00 budget for equipment.

Thanks in advance!
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